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Contact Forum -rekrymessut

Duration: 00:02:31 Published: 2.02.2006 (about 10 years ago) Season: 2005-2006
Contact Forum -yritysmessut
Authors: Antti Partanen, Satu Raudasoja


11.03.2006 11:55:40 - about 10 years ago
Hevimeinkinki, kun säröt täysillä. Rock on!

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Otaniemi Underground Broadcasting System was founded in 1983 as the cable-tv channel of Student Union of Helsinki University of Technology (TKY) (later Aalto University Student Union (AYY)).

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AYY replaced OUBS with Student Media Aate on the 31.5.2011. Aate operated only for less than two years before it got closed as well. Now OUBS ry continues from where Aate left off.

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